Brand Development

I started assisting small brands with developing soon after graduating from college. I realized that there was a wave of startups in Kansas City, and I wanted to be a part of it. I found that there were more people with ideas who did not know what steps to take. So I assited these up and coming entrepreneurs with putting plans in place to bring their start-up to life. 


I introduced social media as a marketing tool and showed clients how to leverage the platforms to drive revenue. I established their presence across different platforms such as Google Business and Groupon so that they can get their product or service in the hands of the consumer as soon as its available as well as how to review analytics available across each of the platforms to get a better understanding of who is consuming their product or service. I also spent time on how to create attention-grabbing content.  


Below are a few past and present clients who are on the fast track to successful entrepreneurship!