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"NEXT GEN" Recruitment Campaign

Creative Direction: Dominic Donell

Strategy Development: Dominic Donell 

Deployment: Dominic Donell 

I developed the "NEXT GEN" campaign in support of my undergraduate collegiate fraternity chapter that was facing extinction. Although we did not meet our goal of 5 New members we still seen growth! 


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I noticed a decrease in interest in Greek Life due to a number of factors, including: 

  • University wide decrease in student applications

  •  Decrease in minority enrollment 

  • Target segments struggling to maintain/achieve  academic obligations ( i.e., 2.5 GPA, leadership involvement on campus.) ​

  • Decrease in current members reducing quality and quantity of outreach. 


By developing strategic partnerships with groups who had  access to our target segments, allocating a budget to social media ads and creating developing study halls we were able to increase our interest pool and membership! 


1.To raise awareness

2. Garner 5 new members

3. Collect information.

Call To Action

1. Learn More! ( Links To Landing Page)

2. Request More Information! (Links to contact form)

3. Become A Sigma! ( Links to interest form) 

Campaign Outline

1. Social Media Ad/Landing Page (List of Eligible Students)

2. Email Communication Flow

3. Invitation to lunch/Coffee

4. Postcard/Care Package for end of semester.

5. Conversion.


Generated 25 leads 

Generated 13 leads who met requirements 

*Generated 3 new members (Due to national financial obligations) 

Increased Visibility/Brand awareness amongst: 

  • High level faculty 

  • Target demographic

  • Campus groups 

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