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"NEXT GEN" Recruitment Campaign

I developed the "NEXT GEN" campaign in support of my undergraduate collegiate fraternity chapter that was facing extinction. We  noticed a decrease in interest in Greek Life due to a number of factors, including: 

  • University wide decrease in student applications

  •  Decrease in minority enrollment 

  • Target segments struggling to maintain/achieve  academic obligations ( i.e., 2.5 GPA, leadership involvement on campus.) ​

  • Decrease in current members reducing quality and quantity of outreach. 

By developing strategic partnerships with groups who had  access to our target segments, allocating a budget to social media ads and creating developing study halls we were able to increase our interest pool and membership! 


Generated 25 leads 

Generated 13 leads who met requirements 

*Generated 3 new members (Due to national financial obligations) 

Increased Visibility/Brand awareness amongst: 

  • High level faculty 

  • Target demographic

  • Campus groups 


"Hyatt Place: Home of the Winning Team" 

The sales team noticed that we had several third party contracts with companies who would attract sports business. The draw back was that we had to: 

  • Pay out commission and rebates

  • Charge guest a higher rate to support rebates

  • and exclude breakfast from their package. 

I put together a campaign focused on reaching sports teams in the region directly, Facebook allowed me to target coaches, travel coordinators and team parents. 

The campaign garnered leads so that we could follow up directly and start to build those relationships at a property level — we also rolled this strategy out to other segments like wedding groups! 


We passed  our goal of increasing "sports direct bookings" more than 178.5 nights in the 3rd + 4th Qtr while decreasing pay outs for rebates and commissions. We also built a relationship with a Jr. Soccer League teams that visits the area every season. 

We found that our guest appreciated the hotel direct method calling it "more personal and structured." We were able to catch a lot more discrepancies up front while personalizing their team experience by: 

  • Customizing Check-in Packets with team logo 

  • Having welcome signs and game stats posted in Lobby! 


and adding in free breakfast sealed the deal! 


"Strive for 25" 

Strive for 25 was a campaign that I wrote to pitch to the Adams Mark Hotel and Conference Center as an internship in undergrad! 

The campaign was design to increase our rating on trip advisor which was a major source for transient business in the area. We were positioned at 50and we wanted to climb 25 spaces to be ranked 25 (on the first page of listings.  


Although the campaign was not executed in its entirety, the director of  operations implemented some of the tactics to improve employee relations. 

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